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Aaron Please Get Out Of Your Feelings!

Aaron Rodgers is entering his 17th season with the Green Bay Packers. He is a 3 time league MVP and a Super Bowl champion. He will be a first ballot Hall Of Famer. But he's not happy. He let that be known during the off season. He feels disrespected by managements lack of consulting him on personnel decisions and only God knows what else.

He had his contract changed to allow him to exit after this season. In other words he wants a divorce from the only team that he's ever played for. A team that is poised to make a Super Bowl run this season. So, on top of all that drama. He has said that he doesn't want this season to be a farewell tour.

What! That's incredible. You are the one that has threaten to leave. Now you want to dictate how everyone reacts? Dude just stop it. You are behaving like a petulant child. I remember Brett Farve pouting about Aaron being drafted, and threatening to retire 50 times. He complained about everything, and here comes you. Is there something wrong with the Wisconsin water? Aaron you seem to need therapy ASAP. You are giving me a migraine.

Paul Cunningham Jr.


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