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Is it a rivalry? Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Originally Posted 10/15/2020

I am a young Browns fan. I have very faint memories of when we were a good football team. The Steelers on the flip side have been consistently good during my lifetime of watching football. I have seen old games of heated games between the teams, but in my young life, there has been too many games where the Browns were bullied by the Steelers.

From a fan perspective, this is still a rivalry. Even through the years of losing. There are a lot of Steelers fans in Cleveland, and Ravens fans for that matter. Part of that was created once the team left town in 1995. Fans needed someone to root for and the proximity of the Steelers, along with the fact that they have been winners, was a natural choice for Browns fans starved for a winner. There are also a lot of Ravens fans that call Cleveland home, they probably became fans for the same reason, proximity, and the fact that they are technically the old Browns. It does not hurt that they have a consistent winning record since they have been a franchise either.

So I understand, it is hard to be a Browns fan. Especially with all that we have endured over the years. All the dubious records that the Browns break seemingly every week is absurd. We have not been to the playoffs in 18 years!

Put all that aside though, because every match up with the Steelers, even during my young mostly losing life as a Browns fan, has been a big game. It has felt like a rivalry game. We do not like them.

Problem is, we could never do anything about it. The Browns were inferior, the Steelers would not just win the game, but destroy us. Break our pride and spirit.

No longer, this year is different. The Browns have a legitimate team, with a winning formula, and a competent coaching staff. There will be no soul crushing this time for the Steelers.

Now it is time to play.

The reason why this is a rivalry, is because this is a big game, between two winning teams.

The past does not matter. There is only Sunday. If the Browns win Sunday, even the Steelers fans that claim this is not a rivalry because the series has been so one sided throughout the years will deem this a rivalry again.

For the sake of comparison, if Michigan can ever find a way to beat Ohio State, the rivalry that is there will be renewed in even the most hardened Ohio State fan.

True rivals never die, there is something about it when you see the Browns and Steelers helmets on the field. It may be dormant from a competitive standpoint, but all it takes to change the perspective on the question is one victory from the team that has been on the short end of the stick. And its on.

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