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OBJ Leaving Cleveland???

I never thought I would write this but...OBJ has probably played his last game in a Browns uniform.

I remember my household being so excited when we acquired Odell in 2019 from the New York Giants.

Normally we get players that are washed up and past their primes in free agency and trades but this time, we were getting a big time player in his prime.

The acquisition helped to usher in a new era for the Browns, one that brought promise and hope for the future with a front office that was truly turning the ship around.

Unfortunately, It just was not meant to be.

Injuries and unbalanced usage/production derailed what could have been with OBJ in the fold. For all his electricity as a player, we only got faint flashes and passing jolts during his time as a Brown.

I want to make myself perfectly clear, I love OBJ as a player and talent, and truly wanted it to work here. I am as disappointed writing this as I was when I read the alert about his fathers post showing video of him not being thrown to while open.

I had a sinking feeling when I read that, I knew it was over. His dad called out Baker Mayfield and I knew it was not going to lead anywhere good. Now Im left with a Beckham jersey in my closet and when I look at it, I will always think to myself, what if?

What if he was heathy during his time here and put up crazy numbers as the true number one receiver I thought him to? What if the chemistry between Odell and Mayfield was first rate, and as prolific as any duo in league? We will never know the answers to those questions, it never materialized on the field.

I wish him well though. I hope he continues the productive part of his career and is able to help another team going forward. I will just always have an empty feeling when I look at my jersey because I will never know what we could have had right here in Cleveland.

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