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We Are Back!!!

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Originally Posted 10/14/2020

It has been a long year for everyone, but we are glad to say that we are back and ready have fun covering sports again! Our return show was important to us because it marked the fact that our show would continue and move forward as the world continues to move forward from this pandemic era.

The Cleveland Browns are 4-1 at this point! We cannot state enough how important this is not only for the organization, but for the fans that have supported the team through the many meager years sine the team has returned to play in 1999. The Browns are winning in a way to is sustainable, with a run heavy play action attack.

The Browns have the best fans in the world, we are some of those fans! Football is my number one sport, my father is more well rounded, but I am all about football and have been throughout my life. The city of Cleveland was waiting for the Browns to be good, and the Browns are delivering a quality product on the field that not only the city can get behind, but the nation as well.

That brings me to greater Cleveland's favorite son Lebron James. He has won yet another championship with yet another team. Another Finals MVP which makes three on three different teams, a record. He is the greatest basketball player I have ever seen because he does more with less than any player I have seen play. Yes, he is the father of the super team, but the original Cavaliers team that he took to the Finals in 2007 was not a super team. Even when he got together with the Heat, Dwayne Wade was not in his physical prime and he had to shoulder the load for them to be great.

When he came back to Cleveland, he pulled the best basketball out of Kyrie Irving that he has ever played. Yes Kevin Love was there but he was never an all star after being acquired from Minnesota. Even the Lakers team that he just won with, outside of Anthony Davis, no one was overwhelming on his team. My father even thought that the Clippers had a better overall team and picked them to win the championship this year. And they lost in the second round!

Unfortunately, they did not have Lebron James. Like he said after this latest triumph, put some respect on his name.

Ohio State Football starts back up in a little over a week with an always highly ranked team, looking to get their respect on the big stage. I have argued that the standard for the Buckeyes is not to be ranked number one or two, but to win it all. Last year, like every year was about the College Football Playoff and winning it all.

What they do on the big stage is all that matters for this elite program, it allows them to recruit on a accelerated level and bring championship to a top tier program. My entire life has been with a top tier Buckeye team, but we have fallen short on the big stage more than we have won as well. This year, I would like for the Buckeyes to not only be highly ranked, but to show the nation and the other highly ranked programs around this great country that they better put some respect on their name as well.

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