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FSTS Youtube Channel

Footage of our shows in studio. We are always experimenting with different ways to keep bringing you our fresh sports takes. Our videos capture our passion for all aspects of sports. 



We discuss what happened to the Cleveland Browns in the 2021 season. What should we do at quarterback? Do we have the pieces to get to the next level? Who can the Browns build around for the future. Check it out!

Potential College Football Expansion

We discuss what a 12 team playoff expansion would mean for college football. Check us out and let us know what you think!

Cleveland Browns 2021 Schedule Game

We play the schedule game as we predict the Cleveland Browns win loss record for the upcoming 2021 season. Check us out as we breakdown every game. Leave us a comment on how you think the season will go. Check it out!

Cleveland Browns Core Players

We discuss the core players for the Cleveland Browns moving forward into the 2021 season. Of all the players on this stacked team, who should the Browns build around for the future. Check it out!

Extend Baker Mayfield Now ???

We discuss if the Cleveland Browns should extend Baker Mayfield now or look elsewhere for a franchise quarterback.

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